Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Use It Wisely, Soldier

I finally managed to capture Anya rolling on video, and inadvertently captured Alex mesmerized by Charlie Gibson and Barbara Walters on TV.

My daughter is so rad, she doesn't cry when she gets to her belly. She struggles like hell to pull her hands from the tucked under position required by rolling to the outstretched superman position for pushing her chest up to look around from her new vantage point. All the while she's kicking her little legs to get her knees beneath her butt, the better to scooch herself around and finally conquer the heretofore unknown realm of True Mobility! She can't quite do both at once, which leads to some hilarious head down bulldozer style movement and often scooching requires some counterpressure for her feet provided by me or a piece of furniture or the sleeping cat, who is only too happy to provide some leverage because at least it means someone is paying attention to her, the poor thing.

It's not just that it is cool to see her learning and developing and (wait for it like cold maple syrup, sticky and sweet) growing up, it's that she is learning to cope with the world, and she's doing it better than I expected, its like she's this little ray of hope, like she's proof to me that the world isn't as crappy a place as I always assume it is.

I've got some stuff to say about Alex, about how sometimes I don't think I even know how to handle being loved so much by one person, about how scared I am of the inevitable time when he'll hate me, and how much he makes me wonder about my own mother, whom I'm sure I loved like he loves me, but who I'm not sure ever could handle that love, and WOW! is that a mindfuck?! But that's for another post because, dude, check this out:

It was just hanging out next to the window! Isn't it rad? Man, I can't wait till the kids are old enough so that we can go out an explore the natural world together.

Monday, May 5, 2008

"Oh, shit! Did you know there's a whole other baby in this house?!"

It's hard to capture when I have to prop one of 'em up and wield the crappy little camera with a tiny memory card, but I think you get the idea. Before last week it was all blank stares through one another.

Friday, May 2, 2008


She did it! Perfectly executed back-to-belly roll!