Monday, June 23, 2008

Ride Like The Scream Machine

I mentioned Alex's screeching last time, now here it is for your enjoyment.

Pretty intense, no? Whattaya think, future singer for Judas Priest?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Love, Peace and Soul

There's been a lot of action in these parts: Alex learned to make an even more eardrum-ripping shriek; they both found their feet (and damn! feet are yummy!); there was another round of shots; Anya got constipated and started producing little tiny hard rabbit pellet looking poop; I became the kind of woman who discusses her baby poop on the Internet. And then there was the really cool stuff:

Alex and I were hanging out on a Saturday morning while Luke was at work, and on Saturday mornings we always watch Classic Soul Train (and you must always read that with appropriate "Souuuuuuul Train!" emphasis). I consider Don Cornelius to be a part of their early childhood education. On this particular Saturday morning, the most awesome thing happened: Don Cornelius welcomed the stars of a hot new trend to Soul Train, Run DMC!

alex watches run dmc on classic soul train 2

They were so young! They were so adorably tongue-tied during the interview! And Alex got to see it! And yes, I know about the no-TV-under-two-years thing; BUT IT WAS RUN DMC!

Then they got a new cousin, the first one on their dad's side. His name is Dexter Keegan,

and it's going to be so awesome to have a cousin so close in age. Now if only I could work on that time-space continuum problem and make Kenosha and Madison magically be only twenty minutes away from each other.

Last but not least, we started them on solids last night! The menu was sweet potatoes, baked, then pureed with water till it formed a thick cream consistency. Yum. Anya was all over this. She's been trying to let us know she's ready for a couple of weeks. And last night we got her in the high chair, gave her a spoon to play with so that she wouldn't try to "help" us feed her, and she totally started getting the play spoon in her mouth right away because she is the smartest most awesome baby ever.

And then she ate like a champ, downing 1-2 tablespoons, which in babyverse is like a three-course meal.

Alex, however, was not quite ready for solids. Alex's First Solids
Poor thing.