Friday, April 17, 2009

You thought you'd find my weak spot, but still, you failed

Why is that every time I check my blog it has been a month since I last posted? Where is the time going?

Luke started his own business this month, and it is brilliant and exciting and scary. it also means he gets up earlier, goes to work after the kids are asleep (but comes home every single night without fail for dinner and bathtime and putting Alex to bed because he is a superhero) and he has to carry three cell phones at all times and the motherfuckers go off at all times of day and night. Anya and Alex take serious issue with this bogarting of beloved cell phones. Sometimes when they are sobbing and grasping at his pants in a vain effort to liberate one of the cornucopia of phones, Anya shoots me a look as if to say, "Do you see this? Why the hell do I have to share if Daddy is allowed to flagrantly keep all the good phones to himself? WTF, mom, W.T.F.?"

The children were replaced by small demons this morning and I was seriously contemplating leaving them out for the Salvation Army to pick up. As Alex writhed and arched and shook his head violently screaming for forty-five minutes because I could not put his yellow winter jacket on over his red winter jacket, I kept repeating to myself "This is the worst day of my whole life. Therefore it must get better." Probably not technically true, but it got me through the morning. I also fell back on my mantra from the old days of Worcester, "If I cannot defeat this, how will I ever defeat Bane?" Man, as soon as the kids are old enough, I'm going to start reading them Batman comics for bedtime stories!

Anya had a rockstar-Britney-Lohan moment in the dollar store the other day.

And Alex is showing his Yooper heritage.