Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Waters

Spring is finally sort of here, and the world is huge and wonderful and full of dogs and squirrels and sticks to taste and tree roots to trip over. Alex and Anya would spend all day outside if they could, and if we had some way to fence in our land, I might let them, but for now they both want to play with a large not-friendly dogs behind and invisible fence next door, or go run across the street to play with the other pack of large dogs owned by a not-friendly neighbor, or run down the street to see their best friend Finn's very very friendly dog Casey.
Notice a theme? We're thinking about when we could get a dog of our own. I've been waiting since I was 19 to get one, waiting till I thought I could provide a good home, till I could be the kind of dog owner that I wanted to be. I'm so close I can taste it!

Luke has become the sun and the moon and the shining stars in Alex's world. When Luke calls during the day, I hold the phone to Alex's ear and a look of pure joy sweeps across his face, he turns to look into the speaker and caresses it lovingly, sometimes planting a kiss on it, and says in an awe-filled voice, "Hi, Dada!"

Anya is fearless as ever, and crinkles her nose when she smiles, and smiles when she finally scales the dining room table, the stack of crates designed to thwart her, every chair in the house, the bookcase. She belly laughs and giggles and tickles her brother and bowls people and pets over with her enthusiastic hugs and kisses. She amazes me.

And Luke. Luke makes me happier and stronger every single day. I don't think I even imagined that someone as strong and amazing and loving could exist till I knew him. I am so very lucky.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm the Osirus of this shit!

My greatest victory of the day was besting Luke in Rock, Paper, Scissors when changing Alex's rank diaper was at stake.

Go me!