Friday, January 12, 2007

This Is Only a Test

I've been blogging a bit over at LJ for quite some time, but LJ leaves me cold and a bit clammy. Since Google has made me her bitch in all other ways, I thought I'd give this a shot.

This is a blog about the ugly little house we call home. We are in the midst of massive renovations, from the roof to the flooring. I want to document all the projects and all the trials and all the tears and hysterics and incrimination and the filthy but satisfied state we are in at the end of each project.

This is also a blog about personal stuff because, um, I like stories and emotions and realizing the depth of one's deep inner gooey emotional sludge. If I ever have kids I'm gonna make them shirts that say, "My mom went to ten years of intensive talk therapy and all I got was this lousy tee shirt and night after night of bedtime stories about the dangerous family dynamics exhibited in Cinderella. Luckily my dad is cheerful and stoic!"

Hey, that's another thing. Kids. Reproduction. Baby-making with an option to upgrade to baby-wearing. If you read this blog I will talk about my cervix a lot. She may need a name, but that may be so cutesy that it will make me barf. After many years of battling with dysplasia, I'm just starting an all out war. We call it The Great Baby vs. Cancer Race. Who will win? Cancer has a definite lead (though he has yet to make his final invasive touchdown), because he is a lying no-good cheater that started way before anyone from Team Baby was ready to ditch the Ring and go forth into that new realm of parenthood, plus he totally sent his minions in to screw up the playing field so that Team Baby has even less of a chance. But we all like an underdog, right? I mean, if the Red Sox can do it so can I, right?

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