Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Lone Ranger, code red, danger!

We got a rad new video camera thanks to my always tech-savvy dad. I took this:

on the same day that Anya:
1. Busted through the babyproofing to get into the forbidden closet.
2. Put not one but two quarter-sized tokens in her mouth within 2 seconds of entering the forbidden closet.
3. Climbed over different babyproofing surrounding a planter and put a fistful of potting soil in her mouth.
4. Called 911, which I discovered when the village polics showed up at my door.


lindsay said...

Oh my.

gerkat said...

I think Anya may have a career in politics. I hear Illinois needs a new governor. I love the video. They're both so cute it makes my eyes hurt.

Rachel/redflyer said...

Well at least she has the good sense to alert the authorities after endangering herself!

The emphatic head-shaking in the video is too funny.